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Lakeshore Recycling Services

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When choosing to work with Roy Strom, count on their commitment to Quality, Dependability, and Service. These performance attributes are the foundation which Strom built their business relationships. Long term service partnerships and growing business by earning our customers’¬†trust year after year is the signature of Strom. Since 1944, Strom has provided quality in excavating and grading services¬†to the construction and development industry. We also offer excellent refuse, recycling and landscape waste services to commercial businesses, municipalities and single and multi-family residences. Strom specializes in municipal solid waste transfer and disposal services to commercial waste haulers, public bodies, business and industrial users. The Roy Strom family of companies includes:¬†Roy Strom Excavating¬†and¬†Grading Company, Roy Strom¬†Refuse Removal Service, Inc.,¬†Greenwood Development, LLC, and Greenwood Transfer, LLC.